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of viewers today take advantage of the advertising break to look at their mobile phones.

Using its patented Fingerprint Matching Technology (FMT) innovation, SYNC enables you to optimize your advertising campaigns. SYNC’s FMT is a unique solution which transforms the power and reach of TV (advertising and programming broadcasts) into rich, engaging, interactive experiences in real time, using mobile devices.


The results are astonishing.  SYNC delivers the only solution on the market that perfectly synchronizes mobile devices, at the right time, with  the TV ads, and TV programs your audience is watching.  In addition, SYNC adds other event triggers to this synchronization such as sporting events, the weather, or your business data (audience targeting, changes to stock positions, special offers...)

How do I start a SYNC-powered campaign?

- You share your objectives (expected results, target, message, budget, tracking, reporting...)

- We propose an activation plan (based on your TV ads, TV ads in your business segment, TV shows, the weather, your real-time data...) and the most effective posting digital networks for the campaign (mobile, synchro, in the moment, Google, Facebook...) to offer you a solution using SYNC’s FMT-based products:  SYNC DISPLAY and/or SYNC ACTIVATE

- We create interactive demo specifically designed for you using your digital assets

- We launch your SYNC DISPLAY or SYNC ACTIVATE campaign with your approval and monitoring.

- We manage the campaign for you, or you access the SYNC back office and manage it yourself

- We deliver campaign optimization and on demand reports

Call us for an interactive demo, and let us tell you how you can reach your intended TV audience with SYNC DISPLAY and/or SYNC ACTIVATE on mobile devices…


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